Apollon's Palace


A theme party in Berlin Kreuzberg, where each participant receives a toga or loincloth to wear around the hips. The loinclothes are rather short and best for high summer temperatures.

Hercules in front of temple

Late Roman decadence for sexy guys

The large apartment where this party is being held gets decorated with marble columns. All guys wear nothing but a toga which gets taken off quite quickly as the guys enter the playarea and start some action.

Dates and Signing Up

  • Dates after registration
  • Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men who have never registered with us before and would like to be invited to future gatherings.
Young man dressed as Roman


You may also bring your own costume but this should be easy to strip off as you probably want to get into the horizontal position with one or more other guys quickly.

Young man in front of marble columns


As this is trying to be a late roman orgy, we'll have grapes and grilled chicken wings to get your energy level up in between the action. Vegetarians will also find something, of course.

Marble sculpture young man lying

Very relaxed and drama-free

It is always a large number of guys that come to such party for the first time ever. The friendly guys at the door and in the changing room will gladly answer all questions and will show you everything.

Latest arrival time for all is 10 pm.

Private Place: Large Apartment

  • Obligation to bring beverages

All bring drinks to fill the fridge (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

There is no cover charge as there is no commercial interest involved.

Clean place and people

  • Using the showers possible
  • Using the towels possible

You are at the right place if you like to meet up with "More Than One" neat and drug-free guy. And if you like it clean, we have two showers (one for private use), plenty of hot water and plenty of towels.