Frequently asked questions

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Answers to the most burning questions

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The parties are held in a private apartment. This is not a commercial venue. A few people actually live there. The size of apartment is just larger than average places.

The address will be sent to your mobile phone as SMS textmessage on the day of the party. The place is easy to find and can be reached by public transportation every 10 minutes.

Most of the apartment is an open and spacious open kitchen area. This is the space to get in contact easily, even if you do not know anyone at all. Adjacent to the kitchen area is a lofty living area with couches to talk more personal with people.

On top of the regular space, there is a separate room, completely covered with clean mattresses.

Approximately 34 guys fit into these two areas without it being too crowded. As there are two bathrooms, the waiting time for those is also not too long on average.

We only provide the rooms and organize the cleaning.

Rule 1: Treat the apartment well and do not brake anything.

Rule 2: Picture taking or filming is not allowed. Cellphones need to be stowed and must not be used.

Rule 3: Everything needed for fun is provided in the play area. These bowls and dispensers need to be left on their position, please.

What kind of action is to happen between two guys and the rules to apply then needs to be agreed upon amongst those two guys before any action starts.

As this is a private party, we are not selling any beverages. This is not a commercial bar. Rather, all participants must bring something to the party. This must be in closed bottles and from well-known brands.

Your confirmation to participate (send via e-mail) will include more details, including examples of what to bring.

There is no entry fee or cover charge as we are doing this in a totally uncommercial manner. As participants all bring something to drink with them, the fridge will be filled well!

Since such a party results in costs (e.g. water, lube, heating, cleaning, washer and dryer, etc.) we are happy about support.

The minimum number of participants for the grand theme parties is 32 lads and great guys. During the winter of 2020/2021 such a high number of participants would not be right at all and therefore we do not do any themed parties.

Even though our parties are privately organized and uncommercial by nature, we will not send around the participants list. Not before an event and not after.

If you need to know what type of guys will be attending, feel free to join the Planetromeo Group MoreThanOne. Beeing a member of the group does not necessarily mean that a certain specific person has or will join a party.

If you are still hesitant, here is our suggestion: Drop by, look around, and if it wasn't what you are looking for: Simply leave the party, no questions asked.

We provide boxes to put your clothes in and a separate room to store them. That room is kept open all night long and can be viewed from the bar area.

In the beginning of the party, the friendly guys at the door will help you find everything and will be able to answer any kind of questions you might still have.

If you prefer to wear your fetish accessories (e.g. leather armwrist or jockstrap) feel free to bring it with you. Yet, full fetish gear would not be appropriate.

There is a separate bathroom in which you can get yourself clean with lots of water before any action starts.

Additionally, there is second bathroom with a large regular shower with water coming from above. Although we do have towels to dry off after showering, you are invited to bring your own towel.

The apartement itself gets cleaned well before the parties and mattresses are covered with freshly washed sheets.

Expect a continues mix of house music and progressive, played semi-loud in the bar area and a little louder in the play area. It is around 120 beats per minute, premixed by various DJs.

Some of our party themes feature a special kind of music in the beginning. If that applies you can see the information on the detail page for each theme.

Smoking is fine, but you need to limit it to normal or electronic cigarettes. Other stuff to smoke or consume will not be tolerated.

The terrace for smoking is right by the fridge, so you are not missing out a lot when going outside to enjoy your smoke.

Staying overnight is possible for guys that come from outside of Berlin and do not snore. Please inform us before coming to the party as there is limited availability.

We have fresh sheets available for the mattresses, so you do not need to sleep in other people's action results.