Night of Fun   ⇆Deutsch

Private Bar & Action Kreuzberg

Our privately organized gathering is all about having a good time at our bar and later about Action.


Bar-like atmosphere

  • Shower and bar: Showerbar

Different from most bars, we have two showers, plenty of towels.

One of the two showers is lockable for private use.

Dates and Signing Up

  • Dates after registration
  • Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men who have never registered with us before and would like to be invited to future gatherings.


  • Age of the participants

The age limit is 56 years.

Private Place: Large Apartment

  • Obligation to bring beverages

All bring drinks to fill the fridge (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

There is no cover charge as there is no commercial interest involved.

DJ equipment


  • Progressive House

Continues groove without any gaps and lots of bass. Progressive House and Dance, not a lot of vocals.

Guys in underwear or trunks


  • Boxes for the clothes are provided

The dresscode for our "Night of Fun" is Underwear, Briefs, Boxershort, or short sports trunks. Or naked.

As the event takes place in a private apartment, shoes and socks will be taken off as well.