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Feedback from Participants

This comments are kept on file and had been received exactly like quoted here. Participants of themed parties have submitted these to us without us initiating or asking for any feedback.

"Thank you for the party again, it was very enjoyable and had a lot of fun!!!" (Gábor, 38)

"It was a great party" (Chris, 26)

"once again many thanks for the very nice night. I felt very good at your place." (Matthias, 39)

"Thank You - that was real fun at your place" (Tim, 45)

"It was great. And the bruschette with cheese were extremly tasty..." (Mathias, 36)

"Thank you for an enjoyable evening. The nightly snack was well done again." (André, 32)

"I need to thank you for the last parties, which are always funny and intensive. :)" (André, 31)

"Really was a great and the so far best party we attended. We liked the theme a lot." (Marian&Basti, 30)

"Lovely party, like always. Thanks." (Daniel, 36)

"Many thanks for all the organizing and the great idea to hold a casino night, really well done!" (Dan, 38)

"Many thanks for a lovely party. You are great hosts who create something special with lots of passion and love for detail." (Robert, 48)

"i must say... Even while still feeling groggy... It was a real cool party!!!" (Max, 29)

"Many sincere thanks für an amazing last night. I felt very comfortable and welcome und would be delighted to join again next time." (Oliver, 28)

"It had again been very cozy and a great atmosphere last night - Thank you again!" (Holger, 47)

"Great spirit (and great decorations) at your mountain retreat party this last Saturday, I really want to thank you as hosts and the organizational team a lot!" (Matthias, 38)

"Everything was well organized, up until the detail. I felt very comfortable." (Mike, 32)

"Thank you for the great Organization, the nice atmosphere, the delicious food and all the rest. I had a lot of fun." (Tom, 34)

"Thank you for the invitation to yesterday's party! It was a great experience. It's always great to be able to attend such well organised and drug-free events where to have such a great time." (Pablo, 28)