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Your personal data that you submit when using the form is encrypted using the SSL/TLS certificate of this website (https). You data does not get stored permanently on this website.

Access to transmitted data is stricly limited to the MoreThanOne organizers. Distribution or publication will not take place.

We will be inviting you to future parties using e-mail. These emails are also being send directly using one email address for each e-mail. So instead of mass-emailing or mass-messages, it is always a direct communication between MoreThanOne organizers and you.

If you are not interested to receive information or updates about events and parties, you may unsubscribe at any time.

After initial registration, we will send you an invite for the next gathering - but not immediately and not right away. We need to work on this and since we are not a company and only organize this on a private basis it might take a while.

In case you had signed up for a specific gathering, the confirmation to participate - also not send right away - includes many details and is personalized to and for you. It is therefore only sent using e-mail.

Please check your e-mail folders "Spam" and/or "Spam Suspicion". Since we are sending so many e-mails, some might get stuck there.

We only manage a waiting list for very large parties. For regular gatherings, there is no waiting list.

Being on the waiting list does not mean that you are rejected for participation. On the contrary: We would very much like you to join the party, but can just not send you a confirmation already, based on the current forecasted number of participants. You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible (so as soon as other participants had cancelled).

Guys that had never before attended one of our events will almost always be moved up to the list of participants. Only in case of an event being totally overbooked already, we also need to place those "Newcomers" on the waitlist as well.

Our goal is not to fill up the given space beyond maxium capacity (unlike some commercial clubs need to do). Rather, it is important for us to meet a "feel right number" of approximately 34 great participants to ensure enough choice and variety, while also minimizing waiting times in front of the two bathrooms.

Waiting list works like this:
1. You will be notified by e-mail if being placed on the waiting list. Decision about a waiting list is solely a result of the forecasted number of participants and the individual time of registration.
2. As plans might need to change for anyone, all confirmed participants may cancel their participation until the day of the party 12 noon latest. Each participant received an e-mail with a personalized link for cancellations.
3. At 12 o'clock noon on the day of the party - or earlier, the waiting list gets resolved and guys will be moved up and become confirmed particpants. Once a confirmation is issued, it is final: once placed on the list of confirmed participants, you will never be placed back again on a waiting list.

A regular registration is possible until two hours before the party starts, but only as long as seats are available:

As soon as a particular party is fully booked and it's waitlist is also very long, the state "Overbooked" applies and that will be shown in above form's party selector.

In case of receiving a high number of cancellations, some seats might again be available on the day of the party. You would see so in the form on top of this page.