Adrian at the Ten Forward: Space Lounge

H like HOT

A "spaceship" travels in the orbit of a class H planet. And as it is therefore very hot on bord, all astronauts (= the participants of this party) need to get rid of almost all their clothes in order to enjoy the night most.

Young man in gold

Let loose and float

In space, regular rules are invalid and because of the absence of gravity it is very easy to touch (down) on lots of other astronauts.

Dates and Signing Up

  • Dates after registration
  • Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men who have never registered with us before and would like to be invited to future gatherings.
Pop-Art image of an atronaut

Warp 5

Party on in the bar "Ten Forward" and venture off into the Jefferies tubes together with lots of other guys. They all want the same: Get it off like a rocket.

Young alien

Forget the prime directive!

As during the other parties, also the spaceship is a place for lots of horizontal action. This time you can even make out with sexy aliens on top of that. And please, don't be too shy with them...

Young man in boxershorts with starfleet jacket


It is very warm in the apartment/spacship. Right before the launch, all participants change into underwear or jock. Or wear a tight astronauts outfit or bring their alien costume.

In case you do not have anything to wear, we also have something for you to borrow for the night.

Private Place: Large Apartment

  • Obligation to bring beverages

All bring drinks to fill the fridge (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

There is no cover charge as there is no commercial interest involved.

Clean place and people

  • Using the showers possible
  • Using the towels possible

You are at the right place if you like to meet up with "More Than One" neat and drug-free guy. And if you like it clean, we have two showers (one for private use), plenty of hot water and plenty of towels.