Sauna Saturday Night   ⇆Deutsch

Man sitting in sauna

Relax Early Night

We have 18 seats for lads and great men.

DJ equipment


  • Progressive House

We play a continues groove without any gaps and lots of bass. Progressive House and Dance and not a lot of vocals.

Dates and Signing Up

  • Dates after registration
  • Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men that had never before registered with us and who would like to get invited for future gatherings.
Martiniglas and sauna bucket

Sauna, Shower, Fun

In addition to the large towel, as always, smaller shower towels are also available.

Private Place: Large Apartment

  • Bring along beverages

All participants bring beverages so that the fridge is filled with drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

No charges for participation itself as there are no commercial interests.

Young man in towel


We will be heating up with our wood fired oven and the sauna. After arrival, you'll change immediately into a large towel that we have for you to borrow.