Flowergasm: Big Squirt Off!

Party for colorful guys

During this "Flower Show" in Berlin Kreuzberg, sexy gardeners meet good smelling young guys.

Pop Art graphic showing a young man holding a watering hose

It's about Squirting Off (the flowers of course!)

This party is a mixture between theme party (Decoration and costume) and later adventures in the playarea (costumes taken off). For the first part, we have flower spraying guns available, and for the second part you already have a useful hose on you!

Dates and Registration

  • Aug 17, 2019 (Saturday): Registration opens in 86 days
Gardener showing thumbs up

Decoration: flowers and blossoms

As always, you should not take the theme of this event too serious. But unlike other clubs in town, we appreciate a well composed perfume - wild flower preferred.

Man with flowers in his beard


Although we have a dresscode, we are not too serious about it: You will need to wear a colorful T-Shirt. And in case you prefer to go without, we will have a flower lei for you to borrow.

Young man smelling a flower

Action behind the bush?

During this garden party, you must not fear that our mattrasses will get fenced off by thorny bushes. No worries! It is going to get just as cozy as always, with freshly washed sheets.

As during all our parties, it is going to be House/Progressive music.

Young man smelling a rose


Instead of roses, we will be serving lots of fresh fruit and a "Hawaii-Toast" (perfectly accompanying the flower leis...).
Also as a vegetarian variant.

Gardener with a flower spraying gun

Still questions?

In case you are not yet sure whether this is for you or not, please do sign up. You will be getting an e-mail and may ask any kind of question as a reply to that e-mail. If you would then find out that you rather not participate, you can cancel your participation any time before the event. (Deadline is always 12 noon on the day of an event.)

Private Party in large apartment

  • Beverages need to be brought along
  • Last time to arrive 9.55 pm
  • Stow your clothes yourself, boxes available

All participants bring beverages to the party so that the fridge is filled with drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

No charges for participating in the party itself as there are no commercial interests.

Clean place and people

  • Using the showers possible
  • Using the towels possible

You are at the right place if you like to play with "More Than One" neat and drug-free guy per night. We have two showers (one for usage alone), plenty of hot water and enough towels.