Adrian At Sea

Sailors and XL-Captains

Seamen (yes, with the a) of all kinds will meet on this "cruise ship" in Berlin Kreuzberg in order to rock the planks.

Pop Art Seaman

Action under deck

This party is a themenight (costume and decorations) combined with wild play in the playarea (costume taken off). In the beginning of the night only the drinks are stiff - later even more things.

Dates and Signing Up

  • Dates after registration
  • Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men that had never before registered with us and who would like to get invited for future gatherings.
Man in harbour

Ahoy, bandmaster

Seamen chanties will be played in the first part of the night.
But the second part of the night will be our beloved house/progressive mixes.

Young man in sailor's outfit


It is a must to wear some sort of costume but we are not taking it too serious either. A striped shirt and/or light/white pants are a good idea. We also have sailor hats to borrow for the night (first come first serve).


Lots of men fun

Besides the theme and decoration, we will not forget about the main reason to come to this party: play with other sailors in the cabin.

Young man holding rope


Besides fish rolls, vegetarian snacks will also be available. So that your have enough power for the hard work on the deck and in the cabin.

Sailor with hat and striped shirt


It is always a large number of guys that come to our parties for the very first time. In order to make it as easy as possible, we will gladly be answering all your open questions via e-mail after you had signed up for this event.

Private Place: Large Apartment

  • Bring along beverages

All participants bring beverages so that the fridge is filled with drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

No charges for participation itself as there are no commercial interests.

Clean place and people

  • Using the showers possible
  • Using the towels possible

You are at the right place if you like to meet up with "More Than One" neat and drug-free guy. And if you like it clean: we have two showers (one for usage alone), plenty of hot water and enough towels.