Casino Gayale

Play, then play.

A hot night in in Berlin Kreuzberg (Central Berlin). It is a private party held in a large apartment, not a public event. Real money is not involved, but real use of your and other hot bodies is.

Young man with tie and pokerchips

It is about fun

This casino party becomes quite diverse because of the various gambling stations: Roulette, Black Jack, Dice and Bingo. All games will be instructed well. It is happening in a fun-filled and friendly atmosphere with all participants almost naked. Also, a price can be won (no monetary value).
But the main goal of the night is to get to know other great guys during the gambling and to continue playing on the mattrasses. That is also the reason why the gambling only lasts 90 minutes.

Dates and Signing Up

Currently, no date is planned for this specific theme/motto. Please see the list of all themes.

Initial Registration The button takes you to our page for lads and men that had never before registered with us and who would like to get invited for future gatherings.
Roulette ball at number 34

Number of participants

It will be at least 34 guys participating and not fewer than this number. It is a mix of guys that had been at our parties earlier (60%) and guys that come to such an event for the very first time (40%).

Young man wearing only a tie

No prior experience needed

This party is all about mixing a relaxed and communicative atmosphere with the possibility to make out with lots of guys in an uncomplicated fashion. Because of the gambling in the beginning, the event is suited well for guys that would like to see how such parties work out for them.
As a participants, you do not need any prior experience at all. Neither for the gambling and also not for the action later at night. No pressure will be put on you. You only do what YOU decide to do.

Privatel Organized in Large Apartment

  • Beverages need to be brought along

All participants bring beverages to the party so that the fridge is filled with drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).

No charges for participating in the party itself as there are no commercial interests.

Young man wearing only a bow tie


During the course of the party, all guys wear nothing but underwear or boxershorts and a bow tie or regular tie. Nothing else. Just in case we have a few bow ties to borrow (limited availability). The apartment gets clean well before the event and the heating will be turned to maximum.

Clean place and people

  • Using the showers possible
  • Using the towels possible

You are at the right place if you like to play with "More Than One" neat and drug-free guy per night. We have two showers (one for usage alone), plenty of hot water and enough towels.

Slotmaschine FUN

Course of action

Every participant gets a starting amount of gambling chips for setting and winning at all the stations. At each station, an instructor explains the respective rules. Just like in a real casino, cocktails will be served and plenty of beverages will be available anyhow. The guy that made most points after 90 minutes of gambling gets a price. After the gambling, the party turns to another mode and play action amongst men will be the main focus. The playarea will also open. So, it is a good idea to use the first 90 minutes to chat with a few guys and select Mr. Right number one. And after you got it done with Mr. Right number one, number two will probably already send you a smile: Just like our website names says: "More Than One".

Young man with tie and light west


Unlike anonymous clubs and bars, you can be fully relaxed at this party because people are actually friendly. It is almost like attending a "regular" party with friends.

Saturday Night Event

  • All arrived at 9.59pm

This is a theme party on a Saturday Night and therefore separates itself from our parties on Fridays, which are more focussed "on the one thing".